Here's our new spice blends Mexican Rub AKA "the latin sizzler"! & Jamaican Rub "caribbean nights"... a quick snapshot from the Food Show Auckland 

 A little background info on these foodtastic spice blends. Equagold has teamed up with Imogen from Aji International Grocery that got totally blitzed in the first Christchurch quake. Her shop was in the section of Manchester that all came down. Then she had more quake damage in her own home in the big February quake! 
Imogen has found it really difficult to get going again, so we are blending her spices at Equagold and getting them to market for her, and paying her royalty :) This will help her not only to get a bit of money, but more than that, get her product that she is over the moon passionate about to the customers that love them! TRY THEM ASAP and use the hashtag #equagoldkitchen to show us what you are up too in the kitchen xx Di 

Happy Shopping :) 

Using Equagold ingredients will add depth to every dish and help you create memorable culinary experiences.

Equagold has built its reputation on quality by sourcing the finest food ingredients from around the world so consumers, chefs and professional cooks can be confident in the very best results when they choose Equagold products. Equagold not only sources these products but also manufactures Vanilla Products, Drinking Chocolate and Spice blends. 



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